Some of my achievements

A picture with the team and the patient

Dr Salem led the team that treated UK’s first lung cancer patient on a new radiotherapy machine called the Elekta Unity.
This machine combines two technologies – an MRI scanner and linear accelerator – to accurately locate tumours, customize the shape of X-ray beams in real time and accurately deliver doses of radiation to moving tumours.

One the right is the proton radiotherapy plan for this patient which leads to much lower splash of radiation dose in critical nearby organs as the heart, lungs and breasts. Proton radiotherapy has the advantage here of reducing long-term radiotherapy side-effects such as heart toxicity and the risk of second breast cancer.


Dr Salem gives many lectures on the world stage and his research is frequently cited and used by others in the field in their papers and presentations

This is how a typical proton radiotherapy machine looks from the patient’s side. Dr Salem while giving an award lecture at Europe’s premier radiotherapy conference (ESTRO 2018) and receiving the ESTRO Accuray award for his pioneering work on a novel cancer biomarker using oxygen enhanced MRI.

Even students who are supervised by Dr Salem have had their research presented in prestiguous cancer conferences. Here, a medical student presents the findings of a study focused on patients with lung cancer who have co-exisiting interstitial lung disease or sereve COPD